The Start

Update #1
Been learning a lot in the process of making this site. I found these games that walk you through CSS concepts: Grid Attack and Flexbox Froggy. Grid and flexbox are ways of organizing elements on a page. I'm finding a mix of those two allows me the most flexibility. For example, title bars I have on some of my boxes use flexbox, as it allows me to easily space the title and decorative button the way I'd like.

I've been itching to learn some coding but struggling to find ways that keep my interest- a project like this seems like a great solution. Just starting this site helped me understand the relationship between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

All my previous knowledge is over a decade old and was limited to making styled tables for a defunct magical wolf roleplay site. This was one of my characters from there, if you'd believe it! I still remember how excited I was to have her featured on the header. I'm glad there are still remnants of that site online.

Anyway, I really like the sites on here. I love the breadth of designs, how silly you can choose to be. Seeing the word "webring" in 2023 is so heartening. I want to learn, and I want to have fun. I want a place of my own! (: